Getting There

Most travellers to Ecuador end up flying through the US, or South American hubs like Caracas, Sao Paulo or Lima.

Flying into and out of Quito is not for the faint-hearted. With the airport surrounded by buildings, and the city itself barricaded by volcanoes, turbulence can be fearsome.

Getting Around

Once in the country, Ecudor is small enough to get around by bus. Local buses are colourful and crowded, and are a highlight in themselves. As with the rest of the country, the more you pay, the more comfortable the ride, but it’s worth travelling on the cheap for short journeys to meet local Ecuadorians and get a real sense of the place.

Road safety can be alarmingly lax, so its best to look for reputable or recommended companies for longer journeys.

In the sierra, local buses services may be less regular, but ask your hostel or hotel if there is alternative – the milk truck in the Laguna Quilotoa area is a must!

Quito itself is served by trams and a good network of municipal buses.