Fairtrade product sales in Britain reached the £1bn mark for the first time in 2010.

The Fairtrade Foundation said the 30 per cent rise in purchases last year shows that shoppers have ethical values.

The foundation is hopeful of Fairtrade sales reaching £2bn by the end of 2012.

Britons drink 9.3 million cups of Fairtrade tea, 6.4 million cups of coffee and 530,000 of hot chocolate every day, according to the organisation.

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Launching Fairtrade Fortnight today, the foundation also revealed that we eat 2.3 million Fairtrade chocolate bars and 3.1 million bananas.

New categories also did well, with more than 1 million cosmetic products using Fairtrade ingredients sold in 2010.

Fairtrade chief executive Harriet Lamb said: “It is fantastic to break the first billion pounds.

“Fairtrade is going from strength to strength because the public want it, it makes business sense, and most importantly, it’s working for the millions of farmers, workers and their families who see it as their lifeline.

“They will be cheering to know that shoppers and businesses here still care.”

The Fairtrade mark was recognised by three-quarters of the British public.