Should you require a little more information before unleashing your inner Danny Ocean, then consider the following…

Your felonious caper will commence in the lobby of a ‘cleaning company’ located in central London. Specifically, in Marylebone.

You’ll ascend a staircase and enter the bar of a private members’ club, where you’ll note CCTV screens monitoring all of the building’s activity.

From there you’ll charm your way into a backroom poker game alongside seven others (either friends, strangers, or an exciting mélange of the two) and, at some point during the game, you’ll be propositioned by exactly the sort of unscrupulous reprobate that you’ve always imagined might one day attempt to rope you into committing the perfect crime. Given your genetic partiality to danger and criminality, you’ll immediately accept.

And then the rest will be down to you. Just know that it’s going to involve dodging CCTV cameras, translating blueprints, avoiding security guards and collaborating with an assortment of villainous characters who’ll help you to navigate four perilous floors, break into a sealed room and – possibly – escape in one piece…

When: February 12 – March 8 from 7.30pm

Where: Marylebone Gardens, 35 Marylebone High Street, London, W1U 4QA

Tickets cost  £22.50, or £20 per head for a group of 8 friends. To book, click here.