Fitness isn’t something that comes easily to everyone. In fact, for most of us, it’s incredibly hard to get in shape. However, getting fitter doesn’t have to mean running marathons or looking like an athlete. Having a decent level of fitness will mean that daily tasks will become much easier and you’ll be less likely to suffer from certain illnesses further down the line. Fitness is very individual, but we could all try and be a bit fitter to better our lives. If you want some simple tips on how you can do just this, then keep reading.

1. Hire a personal trainer

If you’re brand new to fitness and are determined to make a real go of it, then a personal trainer could be the best starting point for you.  London’s finest personal trainers not only coach serious fitness lovers, but beginners just like you too. They’ll be able to help you identify what you hope to get out of going to the gym and will create a personalised fitness plan for the upcoming weeks and months. You don’t have to use a personal trainer forever, but if you’re finding it hard to get started on the right path, they’re definitely worth the investment.

2. Walk more

Do you find yourself reaching for your car keys every time you need to go to the shop? Some errands are within walking distance but most of us are so used to having a car that we jump in and don’t think twice. While walking takes longer, it will benefit your health in a big way. Think about using your lunch break at work to take a stroll or spending some time at the weekend hiking in the nearby countryside. Whatever you do, walking is one of the best ways to improve both your health and fitness.

3. Little and often

Lots of people find it hard to work out because they can’t find the time. These people are usually under the assumption that workouts have to last an hour, but you can work out in as little as ten minutes. Use whatever time you have to do a burst of cardio, a HIIT session or even some stretching. Ten minutes is better than zero and soon these little bursts will start adding up. If you can, do more than one short burst each day, working a different part of your body for best results.

4. Find an exercise you like

It’s a lot easier to get fitter if you actually enjoy working out. Many people try jogging and hate it, so they quit and resume their sedentary lifestyle. But there are so many different types of exercising out there that you’d be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t explore more than one. Enquire about team sports at your local leisure centre or buy a skipping rope and head out into your garden. Take the time to find something you really love to make fitness a hobby and not a chore.