What is the finance sector like at the moment? Are there many jobs?
Yes. In fact there are more roles available than candidates in the current market.

What kind of jobs are available?
A wide range of roles are available, from Junior Administration roles right up to experienced Chartered Accountants and Financial Analysts. In the current market the skills most commonly sought after are: Administr?ation, Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable, Fund Accountant, Custody Officer, Settlements, Part-Qualified Accountant, Chartered Accountant and Financial Analyst.

Are there any jobs for travellers without formal qualifications?
They can be qualified by experience (QBE) but would obviously have to demonstrate a solid working history.

Why do you think this kind of work is such a good option for WHV holders?
Working Holiday Makers can enhance their career whilst experiencing the lifestyle in Australia. In other words, they get the best of both worlds. This gives them more bargaining power for employment if and when they do eventually return home. Not only have they widened their knowledge base, but now they have experience in overseas markets which helps with the development of an international career. Also, Australia currently offers rates of pay that are very competitive and in many instances above global standards.

Is there any chance of a temporary position turning into a sponsored one?
Absolutely. However, specific education, skill and minimum salary requirements have to be met in order to qualify. A good way of assessing whether you are eligible for sponsorship or not is to contact the Migration Team at Geoffrey Nathan to discuss your options.

How important is a CV?
It is absolutely vital. A good CV is as important in Australia as it is in all other major economic markets. Just bear in mind that recruitment consultants are primarily concerned with previous experience gained, so the actual job title and description should be the main emphasis, along with personal details. Education, achievements and references should follow this.

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to get a job in accounts/banking?
Know what you want to do, which organisation or type of organisation you might like to work for and where your strengths lie. A great starting point is to contact the recruitment team at Geoffrey Nathan to discuss your options and get advice and contacts as a non-resident looking for work.

So what are the advantages of signing up with Geoffrey Nathan?
We have very close working relationships with many of the major recruitment agencies across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and can give job seekers maximum exposure in the market place and the best chance of securing the role that is right for them. This saves them from having to register with multiple agencies when they start looking for work.

Thanks to Adam Harris, NSW Sales Manager at Geoffrey Nathan. For more info, visit www.geoffreynathan.com or call (02) 9290 1311 (Sydney) or (03) 9600 3422 (Melbourne).