Top Energy will assess today damage from a scrub fire which closed its geothermal power station in the Far North.

The fire was brought under control late last night by helicopters with monsoon buckets.

It had closed the Ngawha geothermal power station late yesterday afternoon when fibre optic cables linking part of the station were burnt through.

The Fire Service said helicopters were used until late last night to fight the fire, finally bringing it under control.

No power cuts were caused by the closing of the power station which supplied 70 percent of the power to the Far North. Power was supplied from the national grid.

The fire had been burning since Wednesday and some forestry workers were moved out.

The power station was closed about 4pm yesterday, and Top Energy chief executive Roger de Bray said damage would be assessed today.

He said until that was done, it was not known how long it would be before the power station was fired up again. NZPA