A-Ha (Universal)

A-Ha’s career arc has been defined not by dramatic reinventions but by stealthy progress, variations on the same basic theme.

“Stay on these roads,” they sang in the 1980s, and they’ve spent 25 years following their own advice. Their ninth album sticks to the same tarmac, pretty much.

What’s interesting is how much the world has come around to their way of thinking. Which is to say, basically, that Foot Of The Mountain sounds just like Coldplay.

Fair enough, since the Norwegian trio pretty much invented Coldplay on anthem-packed albums such as Scoundrel Days and the later Minor Earth, Major Sky.

But still, the likeness on tracks such as Sunny Mystery and the title song is striking.

A tinkly keyboard line leads to mild verse leads to massive chorus; rinse and repeat.

They get away with it though, because they’re better at it than anyone else.

Fashion will roll away in due course, but they may not even notice.