A new version of the (quite frankly, fairly tedious) online drinking game replaces booze with random acts of kindness – hence the RAK.

Instead of downing ridiculous quantities of alcohol, players are encouraged to spread the love by performing a kind act for a stranger.

This positive twist on the original trend was inspired by Brent Lindeque, a South African with a social conscience who gave a homeless man something to eat and drink instead of completing a neknomination.

Thousands of others have now taken part in RAKNominate. Nominees have given out food and money in Hong Kong, and one participant donated her hair to make wigs for unwell children. Schoolchildren have been sharing their sandwiches with those in need.

And it’s not just individuals getting involved – companies are too. Two Little Fleas have compiled an instant Kindness Generator, ready to provide RAKNominees with all the inspiration they need to do something good.

Over the last few days the official RAKNominate facebook page has attracted over 23,000 Facebook likes. Satellite RAKNominate pages are also going viral, chalking up over 20,000 likes combined.

Partially inspired by the 2000 movie Pay It Forward in which a student is inspired to change the world for the better by setting up a network of good deeds, RAKNominate has picked up support and influences from across the world. The South African hashtag #ChangeOneThing has been seen trending across the internet while RAK’s sister movement, NEKdonate, encourages nominees to donate to their favourite causes instead of downing alcoholic beverages.

The owner of the RAKnominate Facebook page, Robbie Matthews, is delighted that it’s garnered so much attention. “One of our favourite RAKnominations was a woman who left a shopping voucher under the lid of a baby milk formula box, so when the person that buys the formula gets home they find the voucher,” he said.

Image credit: Thinkstock