The outline of a face appeared in storm clouds and was captured on video by a freaked out cameraman in New Brunswick, Canada.

??Denis Farmer quickly started filming as the profile of a face emerged from clouds over his home in Grand Falls, Canada.??

The video footage shows the storm passing through Farmer’s backyard. A minute into the video, the face, complete with eyes, ears and a nose, begins to appear in the clouds.

"A face, holy frig," Farmer exclaims as the cloud turns into a face.

Check it out here:


The video has already received close to 129,000 hits on YouTube since it was posted on Monday, with some viewers commenting that the face in the cloud was some divine sign from God.??

“That's God having a stroll,” wrote Slangebarnet.

BigThier96 wrote: "for real, i don't  believe in? god or anything, but it sure looks like him."

"looks like zeus, the? god of thunder and the god of all gods," commented another.

Many others made reference to Harry Potter, saying the cloud looked similar to the book’s villain, Lord Voldemort.

What do you think about the freaky formation?