After the huge success that the Tolkien screen adaptations have on New Zealand’s tourism industry, it makes sense to immortalise the experience to secure tourists for decades to come… Right?

Most of the cast seem to think so, and the idea has us all squirmy with excitement.

“Of course the next development I hope is that Peter’s going to devise, not more films, but a situation that you can all go to that is as much theatrical as cinematic,” McKellen told reporters in London.

“A living museum where you will actually have the experience – as you sometimes do in the greatest exhibitions of that sort in Hollywood – to go into that and be there.”

Peter Jackson insisted that a holiday was in order before any further projects ensued.

The new Hobbit film marks the end of Jackson’s creative endeavours in Middle-earth – cinematically at least.

“They come to Hobbiton in their droves so I’m sure there are enough fans of the films that would come to see a Hobbit theme park or a Lord of the Rings theme park,” Martin Freeman, AKA Bilbo Baggins, said.

“I loved New Zealand and I loved working and living there. Some of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen were there.

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies has already hit the screens in the UK and NZ, though Australia will have to wait until Boxing Day.