Perhaps it’s because ‘kick’ begins with a ‘k’ and Wayne Rooney needs reminding what he’s supposed to do on the pitch, or perhaps it’s because the Rooneys think the fame of the Kardashians has something to do with their initials… whatever the reason, Wayne and Coleen Rooney have decided to name their new baby, born in the early hours of this morning, Klay… yes, with a ‘K’.

Not that it would be much better with a ‘C’, but now at least his parents can proudly alliterate in Christmas and birthday cards when pairing his name with that of his brother, three-year-old Kai… not that they know what alliterate means, we’re sure. Despite the new addition causing Wayne to miss the last game of the season against West Brom, the Manchester United striker was thrilled. Announcing it to the world at 3.49am, he Tweeted, “Our Beautiful Son Klay Anthony Rooney was born at 2.11am, Weighing 7lb 11.1/2oz. Both Klay and Coleen are fine… We’re all delighted!!”.

Having passed her due date, Coleen told the Daily Mail earlier this month she was looking forward to the birth due to her lack of sleep, recently Tweeting: “Such an uncomfortable sleep last night!!! #hurryupbaby.” We think she may have forgotten that babies have a tendency to keep you up at night when outside of the womb also…

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