But even Tula the colossal Canary Dog is dwarfed by her new house-mate – an even more enormous Italian Mastiff called Digger.

Four-year-old Tula was admitted to Battersea Dogs and Cats Home’s Brands Hatch site in January after her owner decided she couldn’t look after her anymore. Her cuddly and playful personality soon made her a firm favourite with kennel staff, but they feared she might never find a new home because of her size – Canary Dogs can weigh more than seven stone.

But that all changed when dog lover Anna Scott came along to visit her with Digger – who really is the dog’s wotsits. The canine duo had no bones to pick with one another, and now the gargantuan pair are the best of doggy chums.

“Tula thought she was a big dog until she met Digger,” said Anna. “They get on so well and have settled beautifully together. Digger is 10 now so he’s a bit clumsy with his paws, and if Tula’s around and gets accidentally clobbered, she just accepts it – she knows there’s no malice, he’s just a clumsy oaf. Big dogs are underrated and misrepresented. They are loyal, cuddly and tremendous fun.”

Michelle Bevan, rehoming and welfare manager at Battersea Brands Hatch, said: “Bigger dogs can be difficult to rehome as they need a lot of space and can be strong on the lead. But as Anna, Digger and Tula have shown, there is space for every single dog in a loving home somewhere.”

We love a happy ending here at TNT, but we’re also mindful that it’s that time of year when all too many poor pooches end up as unwanted Christmas presents once the festive novelty wears off. Battersea Dogs and Cats Home staff know only too well that a dog should be for life, not just for Christmas, as they usually end up picking up the pieces.

The UK’s oldest home for dogs and cats was established in 1860, and has rescued, reunited and rehomed more than 3.1 million animals.