What’s the show about?

It will be whatever dominates the headlines. It’s impossible to predict but I’d guess there’ll be some kind of horrific situation in the Middle East, with luck someone from Queensland will have tried to ride a crocodile or juggle brown snakes while drinking a bottle of tequila.

In fact, maybe we could book one of those guys.

And, going back to the Middle East, we’ve discussed that a few times now, so we must be pretty close to solving the whole thing forever.

Could be this month …

Where was your fist show?

An open spot at The Comedy Store in 1980.

It started great, I got two or three good laughs, then I began talking and it went down hill.

I survived the trauma, but Rik Mayall smashed it, so I went away thinking there must be a way to do this well.

I was hooked from then on finding out how.

Who’s your comedy idol?

Lenny Bruce has to be the one – he utterly transformed stand-up comedy with his style and subjects.

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