What’s the show all about?

It’s all about Edinburgh Festival preview season, baby. We believe in bringing the brilliant and diverse comedy to brilliant and diverse venues. We put on three mini-previews a night and this week we have Matthew Highton, Ian Smith and Benjamin Crellin. It’ll be a cracker.

Who inspired you to take to the stage?

Seeing Daniel Kitson at the Sydney Opera House nine years ago sparked something off in me. 

What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever seen?

Usually my wife Renata, she’s hilarious. Or something Lady, our three-legged dog does. And a couple of years ago at Edinburgh my wife and I sat in the front row for Terry Alderton’s final show. Halfway through I looked at her and she shrugged her shoulders, not getting it. Then Terry started barking like a dog and she started losing it, crying and convulsing with laughter. This then set me off, and then the people either side of us. We were all in uncontrollable fits of laughter for 10 minutes!

We Love Comedy, Brixton, July 17. £3+  
Effra Social, SW2 1DF  
Tube | Brixton