Labour leader Phil Goff has welcomed National’s support agreements with three minor parties.

“New Zealand has enjoyed nine years of stability under Labour’s management of MMP,” he said after incoming prime minister John Key announced the agreements today.

“We need that stability to continue given the current international financial and economic turmoil, and the significant challenges this presents to New Zealand’s economy.”

Goff, who last week replaced Helen Clark as leader of the Labour Party after she stood down, said Key would have to manage the “diverse and conflicting” views of his support partners.

“Labour will support policies of the incoming government where those policies are seen to be in the interests of New Zealand and New Zealanders,” he said.

“But where policies are likely to damage New Zealanders and reflect a radical right-wing agenda preferred by ACT and the right wing of the National Party, the government can expect strong opposition from Labour.”

Goff said Labour would not oppose for the sake of opposition but would hold the government to account.