From telling homophobes to ‘get over’ people being gay to a simple ‘TGIF’ on a Friday, the noticeboard outside his Gosford church has won him a huge amount of fans.

His most popular sign? It’s one he put up in July last year that reads: ‘Dear Christians, some people are gay. Get over it. Love God.’

The church has over 14,000 likes on Facebook, and is gaining popularity with people aged 25 – 54; the demographic most often missing from church services.

Sadly, Father Bower’s signs have meant a few of his congregation have scarpered.

“That’s really sad because these people are still considered to be friends,” he said. “I’ve known them for a long time but they have felt that they in good conscience can’t continue in a community that holds certain views.”

Happily, despite the controversy he courts, Father Bower has never been censored by the bishops.

“The bishops may not always agree with what I say but they feel very strongly that we have to have these conversations,” he said.

Find the church’s Facebook page here.

Image credit: Facebook