The Deciding Factor

The average person takes around 10 minutes to make everyday decisions. More particularly, one study revealed that it takes six minutes and 52 seconds to decide which movie to watch. Also, it takes 10 minutes and eight seconds to decide to buy a new item of clothing. Overall, we make around 15 mundane decisions daily. 

So instead of wasting time deciding what to do during free time, you can always have a lot of ideas ready up your sleeve, so let’s have a look at some of those ideas.


Cooking is always one of those things you think you don’t know how to do, till you actually make your first meal. With thousands of online recipes and step-by-step videos, there’s nothing to stop you from preparing a meal on your own. It’s a lot more fun than what you might be thinking, plus home cooking will save you money instead of always ordering in or eating in restaurants. It’s a good stress reliever, too, and gets your creative juices going.

Online Gambling

You may want to use the money you saved home cooking for something fun and exciting, like online gambling or e-sports. Before, gambling on a sport was limited to just the final score, but now the online gambling industry has spread wide and far. If you pass by judi online, you’ll see that you can bet on many aspects of a soccer game. For instance, you can bet on the number of penalties to come or who will score, and much more. You can also play slot games when you’re not in the mood for e-sports. You could be the next lucky winner!

Become an Expert

You’re probably asking, “become an expert in what?” Well, the beauty of it is that you can become an expert in anything that you’re passionate about. There are dozens of learning platforms out there, and many of them are for free. Read about what you’re passionate about, watch videos, and understand the subject. We’re all suffering from information overload, where we know some facts about many things but don’t know enough about one subject. So becoming an expert means you’re limiting what you learn on a specific subject. 

Start a Blog

Now that you’re focusing on becoming an expert on the matter, why not start your own blog on that subject? If you’re a person who loves to write, this is going to suit you just fine. With a blog, you will share information with others. People reading your blog already have the same interests that you have, or they wouldn’t be reading your stuff, to begin with. You can make new friends and maybe even start a business related to your subject of interest. Your blog could be about anything: football, swimming, gardening, or science. 


Usually, the best way to help yourself is by helping others. There’s a sense of self-satisfaction and a feeling of higher self-esteem that come by helping others. Even with just the immediate community around you, there is a ton of things you can do that will give someone else happiness. You don’t have to have exceptional skills to volunteer a couple of hours every week to help someone in need.


Spare time can also mean some alone time for you. If you live with others, you probably have a keen desire to be alone sometimes. The modern world is tough and rough with pressure coming at us from all sides. You don’t want to crack under all that pressure, so a little bit of meditation can go a long way, giving you the clearance and relaxation that your mind desperately needs.

 Successful people understand that the activities they choose to do in their spare time have an impact on their life, and that’s why they thoroughly choose what to do at that time. Most people spend their free time according to their preferences, where few make the most of it in a productive way. To make your life even more enjoyable, a hobby would be a beautiful past time or do things that are meaningful. Picking up some of these activities can enhance your abilities and your mindset and will give the balance you need when you burden yourself with work.