According to the poll, Spain, France and Australia top the list of countries where Britons would most love to live, but only 12% believe they will ever actually emigrate.

According to the research by, emigration features on 53% of Britons’ bucket lists, but only 12% believe they will ever make this dream come true. In spite of stating that they would love to live abroad, the majority feel that it isn’t financially feasible or that they would miss their friends and family too much to really leave them.

Initially, all respondents were asked to identify all things that they have on their ‘bucket list’, described as once-in-a-lifetime things which they would love to experience. The most popular things Britons have on their bucket lists were revealed as “travelling/having a round-the-world holiday” (73%), “wildlife experience e.g. swim with dolphins” (64%) and “emigrating to live abroad” (53%).  

Wanting to delve a little deeper, all respondents who stated that they wanted to live abroad were asked why. The most popular results from those aged 18 to 35 were “I’m envious of my friends who now live abroad” (33%) and “houses abroad seem so much cheaper” (24%), while the results that came top for those aged 36 to 55 were “I don’t have much keeping me here in the UK”(30%) and “I’ve had enough of the British weather” (29%), while the most common answer amongst those aged 56 and over was “I would love to retire somewhere sunny”(45%). 

According to the poll, when asked if they thought they would make this ambition happen and actually emigrate, only 12% of respondents believed that they would. The remaining 88% who stated “no” cited reasons such as “I don’t think it will be financially feasible” (36%), “I would miss friends and family too much” (27%) and “I would miss English culture” (20%).