London-born Haye, 34, was among frustrated passengers left stranded at Birmingham Airport when the Emirates flight was abandoned for fear the rodent might chew through vital wiring on the Boeing 777-300ER.

The former world heavyweight champion described on Instagram how he had been settling into his seat when a man “started screaming” after he spotted the “tiny little mouse”.

The terrified creature avoided capture by cabin crew for half-an-hour before escaping through a vent – and it was then decided that the flight would have to be cancelled for safety reasons.

“To my shock horror they have to get everyone off flight, in a hotel, and hopefully tomorrow I can fly,” wrote Haye,  clearly unimpressed by the hysterical reaction of the man who had first noticed the furry intruder. “As I walk off flight I’m gonna give the bitch a** fella a slap and really give him a reason to scream,” he joked.

An Emirates spokesman told MailOnline Travel: “Emirates can confirm that flight EK038 from Birmingham to Dubai returned to stand shortly after pushback as a rodent was detected on board.”

Last week a Dublin-bound Flybe jet had to turn back to Southampton after a bee became trapped in an external instrument.