Everyone who works in the UK pays National

Insurance (NI) in addition to their normal taxes. 

National Insurance pays for pensions and health services. Most employers

require your National Insurance number before you start work and it’s a good

idea to get one as soon as possible as it makes it easier to access hospital

services. They are also required should you ever wish to make a claim for a tax


1st Contact Easy NINO has made applying for the National

Insurance Number EASY!


can be:

  • Starting

    your working adventure in the UK

  • Been

    working in the UK for a little while  without a NI number


is a National Insurance Number?

The National Insurance Number

(NINO) is the number used by the government to track your taxes and national

insurance contributions. Everyone who wants to work in the UK needs one and you

must be in the UK before the government will issue your number. If you do not

have your NI number you will be paying emergency tax. Applying for an NI number

is a very tedious exercise and involves a lot of expensive phone calling and

waiting around. With the Easy NINO service we can do all the hard work for you

and assist you through the entire process.

For a small fee we remove all

the hassle, make the calls, do some paperwork for you and guarantee your NI number in 2-4 weeks

(often sooner!).


How Easy Have we Made the NINO Application Process?

  • Simply

    complete our easy online application form.

  • We’ll

    call the DWP for you, register your application and arrange for the

    signature form to be posted out.

  • You

    sign the form and send it back.

  • We

    check it to make sure all is correct. If you require any supporting

    documents to prove your employment we can supply them.

  • All

    this for a small fee of £30




anyone applying for a NINO, who holds a passport from a country within the EEA

(this includes UK passports), will have to attend a meeting with the DWP –

their rules not ours! But don’t worry we’ll book the meeting for you. Those

people holding a UK visa, which was issued outside the UK, will not have to

attend a meeting.


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