British warship, HMS Ark Royal might be brought out of retirement to  serve as a floating helicopter base on the Thames.

The £100m plan could save the HMS Ark Royal, one of Britain’s most famous modern warships, from the scrap heap.

The 693ft ship was recently axed by defence cuts, but new plans suggest it could still play a useful role in London as a heliport, stationed at Royal Docks near City Airport.

It has been proposed that the aircraft carrier be converted into a helicopter base, which could be used to quickly ferry those with plutonium credit cards from central London to the airports.

The ship could also serve as a base for air ambulances and police helicopters at the 2012 games.

The scheme would also provide a domestic role for 150 Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, who would live and work on the ship. The MoD is now weighing up the idea.

Project planner Paul Beaver called it an “inspirational venture”, adding that talks were ongoing.

The MoD said it was “receptive” to the idea.

However, the heliport would need to consult carefully with local residents, many of whom are already bitter about noise levels from City Airport, which recently got the green light to increase flights by 50 per cent.