Darwinism is a car crash of melody; a track of blistering energy. Timothy Carroll’s lyrics have a way of cutting through, bringing to life a couple’s relationship juxtaposed against the song’s driving riffs and melodic lines.  

Of the new track, Carroll says, “We built the song around that opening riff which I came up with while we were on tour last year. I remember the boys were all asleep in the apartment and I was looking for a place to play so I locked myself in the bathroom and was making some recordings on my phone.  I felt straight away it could work as a full band track…” 

The film clip for the song is appropriately stark, consisting of entirely black and white visuals, and an unadulterated mix of retro film and stunning live footage of the band in their element.  

Check out the video here:

Carroll & Dawson are joined in the studio and on the road with band mates Ryan Strathie, bassist Graham Ritchie, and their producer-turned-band-mate Matt Redlich on both production duties and on keys. 

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