Ever since its troubled rollout and launch, Universal Credit has become infamous for one fiasco after another. While the idea behind Universal Credit, to roll existing benefits into a single benefit, had wide support, the execution has not just been inept – in some cases, it has been downright cruel. 

Part of the problem is the rigid approach that the Department for Work and Pensions demands of its staff. The inability of front-line staff to tailor their advice to the client means there are innumerable missed opportunities to provide more help.

We, therefore, need to consider our approach to improving services in terms of what kind of help and advice will be useful across the board. One thing that will make it significantly easier for any Universal Credit claimant to land another job is gaining their travel independence. Many claimants can drive, but currently, feel as if they are unable to afford to. Below are some simple ways that the DWP can encourage more people to get back in the car and back to work.

Help Them Choose an Appropriate Vehicle

car can be a way to make money in itself, or it can be used to facilitate travel to and from a job. The right car for each individual will depend on their personal circumstances. Those who also have families will want something safer and more reliable than most, for example.

Helping the claimant to find the right vehicle also means helping them find something in the appropriate price range. Lots of people feel as if they have to blow their entire budget, or as close to it as they can get. However, there are nearly always good alternatives at a lower price.

Finding the Right Insurance For Them

There are many different factors that will affect the cost of someone’s insurance. There are numerous price comparison websites out there that will quickly give you an idea of how much the client can expect to pay. 

There are also different types of car insurance to cover the driver in specific circumstances. For example, as you can see on quotezone.co.uk, there is drink driving insurance available for those who hold a drink driving conviction. Quotezone is one of the many websites that enable you to compare the cost of multiple different types of car insurance – they’re a very useful resource for clients.

Such a conviction can preclude drivers from certain policies or significantly raise the prices. Some people assume that with a drink driving conviction, there is no point even looking at insurance, especially if they are short on money.

Identify Their Goals

Having goals is always good, in both our personal and professional lives. Identifying exactly what it is that the client wants to achieve will make it easier to accomplish both of the above tasks. Perhaps the client doesn’t realise just how much owning their own vehicle will broaden their horizons. 

For the most motivated clients, those who clearly want to be back at work, helping them get back behind the wheel can be an excellent first step. Things, like finding the right car insurance and choosing the right vehicle, are decisions that many of us take for granted, but which many of the vulnerable adults who claim for benefits could really benefit from guidance with.