In 2018, the gaming industry made $125 billion. This can be elated to how much the gaming industry has changed since retro games, like Pac-Man or the first editions of everyone’s favourite plumber, Super Mario. But what changes have been made throughout the years to cause such a mass increase of revenue? This is what we are here to find out.


First games were two-dimensional and allowed you to move in four different ways: up, down, forward and backward. The arrows on the directional pad. With 3D graphics came new world creating abilities, and thus, new ways to move. For example, PlayStation switched from selling controllers with only a directional pad, to selling them with joysticks, but giving you the option to use either and, finally, games that only allow movement with the joystick. 

Graphics are improving every year. Giving the player a more realistic or immersive experience when playing.

Bigger & Better Challenges

We have Artificial Intelligence to thank for this. With better AI systems, games have been able to create greater challenges for players. Playing against the computer in today’s games is very different from older games. Older games had predictable patterns which were easy to beat or dodge. This made bosses in story games less exciting. However, as AI has evolved, this movements have become less predictable and use strategies that humans might think of doing.

Faster Online Connections

Online multiplayer is far more popular and frequent than it was 20 years ago. This is because internet speeds and access have become better. Back then you would gather with your friends and take turns on the controller. Now, you can game with friends across the world.

This also has an impact on live online casino games. Sites such as get lucky use live action dealers who interact with you, chat with players and games are providing an immersive, 3D experience

Gaming on The Go

Gaming on the go is not a new concept, however, it has been developed in ways that allow you to play far more games than ever before. You can download any number of games on your mobile phone, which is a change to a box full of games for a classic Nintendo Gameboy (which is still great fun). This has also made gaming on the go cheaper. You don’t have to spend large amounts of money on a top console when you can play on your phone.

Virtual Reality

The technology might not be 100% to date, but the basics are in place. And this will only lead to improvement every year. VR offers players a new way to experience games in a far more immersive manner than ever before. You can become your favourite character and play with just your body. VR is offering an engaging experience that far exceeds that of normal game play.

The future of gaming is looking very bright. If it continues to develop at the same rate it has over the last 20 years, great things are coming.