Of course, our society has been location dependent for a very long time. We are born in one place and probably die somewhere close. It is what ultimately made sense once we had a more stable civilisation – one where we could get resources even during a drought, and in which we need a steady job in order to contribute to the world.

But the world is a lot smaller now, and there’s no longer as many reasons to stay in one place. You can get anywhere you want to go within a day. And, as of the last couple of decades, you can probably work from there, too.

If you love to travel and constantly want to experience new places, you can probably become a digital nomad. Many careers no longer require you to be in a specific location, and if yours does, you might want to consider going it alone.

There are some ways of making money that are especially well suited to the life of a digital nomad. These are three of the most popular.

1. Trade foreign exchange

Trading foreign exchange (Forex) is a truly international endeavour. The market works according to a number of factors, all of which span multiple countries and continents. These include economies of different nations, world events, and politics. Since it is always day time somewhere in the world, currencies are always being traded (during the week at least). And so, becoming a Forex trader is possible no matter where you are and no matter what hours you keep. With plenty of online tools to help you, such as the MetaTrader 4 platform with instruments like the CCI indicator, you can become a success in no time. Find a Forex and CFD broker you can trust and get started right away.

2. Travel writing and photography

This is perhaps the most intuitive career path for a digital nomad. Since you’re going around the world, who better to write about travel than you. Importantly, you can take personal photos to accompany your writing or to stand on their own. There are many publications, both online and offline, who are in need of travel writers, and you’ll have no trouble finding work. This is a great way to make money doing what you love.

3. Web development

By its very nature a portable job, web development is an excellent choice for the digital nomad who possesses the skills. Why sit in a regional office of some agency when you can be successful on the go? Every day, entrepreneurs and startups are creating websites, and they don’t know what they’re doing. There is endless work for a web developer. With one or two clients, you can already start your own portfolio, and your reputation will only grow.