At 51, he’s just become a father for the first time but already moved onto a new girlfriend  – a German-born jazz singer 30 years his junior.

The day before he  confirmed the birth of his new kid, with Chinese actress Tinglang Hong, 32, the actor dated Elisa Schmidt in Berlin before kissing her passionately in the back of a taxi.

Schmidt is a protege of multi-millionaire record producer Guy Chambers, the former song-writing partner of Robbie Williams.

 Schmidt told Bild: “I was in London with Guy to talk about my first album. In the evening we shared a meal and there got to know Hugh Grant.

“Since then we have come to understand one another very well and have become good friends. But there is definitely nothing more than friendship. Now he is in Berlin and invited me to dinner. That is all.”

In the promotional video for her EP Sin City, which recreates the louche excess of the 1920s, the singer appears in stockings and corset and a short-cut tutu. She appears to run her hand down the chest of a fellow female club-goer and move to kiss her.

The 21-year-old has insisted the pair were “nothing more than good friends”, but they were seen holding hands and “flirting and sharing hot kisses”, according to a German newspaper.

A source said: “Hugh met Elisa earlier this year during a dinner out with Guy.”

“She’s stunning with an incredible voice and Hugh was immediately drawn to her. They got on well and have stayed in touch.

“Elisa knew about his daughter long before Hugh decided to go public and announce it. She thinks it’s great, and is thrilled for him.

“It’s early days but they’re getting closer all the time. Hugh seems really happy.”

Grant has been in Berlin filming Cloud Atlas with Tom Hanks, Jim Broadbent and Halle Barry.

The film is based on David Mitchell’s 2004 novel.