Two Heathrow lounge masseuses are suing Virgin Atlantic after developing chronic wrist, shoulder, and upper back pain from massaging large-bodied clients.

Jayne Evans, 40, and Michelle Hindmarch, 35, claim that the constant shiatsu massaging of big-boned “Club House” clients has resulted in repetitive strain injury (RSI) in their torsos and arms.

In total, the two misused masseuses hope to settle for £500,000 in damages. Their barrister is arguing that the alleged injuries they have sustained were career ending.

The court heard testimonies from the women in which they described how the pain makes it difficult to carry out household tasks, like peeling carrots, pulling on jeans, or “taking the Sunday roast out of the oven.”

The clothed, large-bodied clients are the source of their symptoms, the two claim, because no lubricating oils could be used and they required extra finger pressure.

Virgin Atlantic is not disputing the liability, but asking that the damages be lessened due to the extent of the injuries sustained.

This is not the first time Virgin has dealt with this issue. In October 2005 Elizabeth King, a former airline masseuse who also worked at the Heathrow Clubhouse lounge, was awarded £100,000 after developing RSI.