It’s now been over two weeks of living on Hayman Island and I have come to learn that there are both pros and cons of living and working on an island. And while some of the points below are specific to Hayman, I imagine that many other work/life scenarios in small isolated towns, islands or cruise ships would have similar advantages and disadvantages. So before you pack your bags and head off to work in a mining community, or sign a six-month contact with a cruise line, here are a few things to consider:

Location. Whether it’s the ability to see the world on a cruise ship, spend a winter on the ski slopes or live on a tropical island, location is key. Being able to live and experience different parts of the world is an amazing adventure on its own.

Free leisure activities. This is by far and away the biggest attraction of coming to Hayman and likely true of other tropical islands. Having access to tonnes of great activities such as kayaking, water sports, windsurfing, snorkelling, scuba diving, tennis – all for free or at a staff discount rate. If nothing on that list appeals to you – you might want to look elsewhere for work.

Meeting new people. Maybe you’ve recently gone through a bad breakup or are just looking for some new people to hang out with, moving to any location where you bunk with other staff you are bound to meet dozens of new people within a few days. Even if you’re not a social butterfly you are likely to make a few friends out of the hundreds of staff around.

No Chores. Do you come home from work to find your fridge always empty, the bills still not paid and your laundry not done? Besides cleaning your room here on Hayman (which isn’t that big to begin with), there isn’t much else for you to worry about. Your uniform is washed for you each day and all your meals are provided for you.