But, unfortunately, I have to admit that in recent years the tendency to order articles by some companies is one of the components, but such are the conditions of the market. With rare exceptions, there are authors who are not interested and really talk about their gear (often in their blogs) and baits that they catch.

And, as a rule, these are people with a high level of income and have no qualms about buying $50 baits, $ 300 spinning rods, and similar reels. So if your purse has the necessary thickness, you can afford to spend on your hobby as much as you want – this text is not for you, well, if only to break a little.

Even consumables are now very decent …

So, you decided to go fishing, what made you take this step – it’s not so important! And if you don’t have friends engaged in fishing – you start to intensively browse the Internet, consult with the sellers in the stores. And you come to a disappointing conclusion – to fish you need to spend quite a lot of money.

Take a spinning reel, a set of lures, tackle bags, necessarily a membrane suit, and many other useful little things. Otherwise, you and the fisherman will not be called. Someone will be scared away by this amount at once — as a result, our future fisherman is lost forever, someone will try to cut the family budget, which may also lead to trouble in the aftermath.

%TNT Magazine% fishing tackle bag

So do not listen to anyone, in fishing, there is no perfect tackle and can not be. Because if they were – then you have no fish left, and on the shelves of many stores would lie a ready-made fishing rod or spinning rod with a single bait! Use your head, count on the amount you can afford to spend, and go to the store. And if you have a good and competent consultant, he will try to collect the best set for you. It is logical to assume that this will not be the best option, but you can already catch it, and the rest is in your hands…

Isn’t fishing too expensive?

Try to pass step by step all levels of budget tackle to more expensive price categories, the understanding will begin to come after the first fishing that, why, for what and why you need it. Not having passed the lower levels is difficult to jump to the top. I, fortunately, or maybe not, had a chance to fish with wooden fishing rods and even spinning rods, wooden of course.

Correspondingly, I had bamboo, metal, and fiberglass fishing rods in my hands… And you know — pulling out a good trophy on a wooden fishing rod was not less emotional than when fishing with super modern gear from high-modulus graphite.

Fishing is first of all great fun and that’s why, one need not be ashamed of their simple, sometimes primitive tackles, because many times in my practice of fishing, I think you can recall more than one such case, such tackles gave head start to the coolest fishing rods and their glamorous owners.