Canada in 2-3 days

Pick a city. Any one will do, but Toronto, Montréal and Vancouver have the most to offer. A few days should be enough to get a feel for the place and see the main sights — even take a side trip such as Niagara Falls from Toronto.

In 7-9 days

Head to the Rockies. Base yourself on the Alberta side in Banff or Jasper and explore from there — or travel the Icefields Parkway between them. Starting in British Columbia, head from Vancouver to Mount Robson, the tallest peak, taking in Revelstoke and Kamloops on the way.

Vancouver Island is another option. Enjoy the expansive beaches, verdant rainforest and abundant wildlife, then chill out in the elegant capital of Victoria.

Like islands? Visit Prince Edward Island off Canada’s east coast for secluded coves, rugged coastline and sublime seafood. It’s particularly beautiful in autumn (fall) when the iconic maple leaves turn shades of scarlet and gold.

Here for the snow? Canada’s main ski resorts are at Whistler and Lake Louise.

Two weeks +

You could spend a lifetime exploring the Rocky Mountains and never get bored. Local tour operators offer multi-day hikes, kayaking trips and trail rides to help you get to the heart of this pristine wilderness.

Cross Canada! In a couple of weeks you could drive the Trans-Canada Highway from St John’s in Newfoundland all the way to Victoria on Vancouver Island, or ride the railroad on The Canadian from Toronto to Vancouver.