Reality TV star Jodie Marsh has been up to some serious bodybuilding – and says that she now gets more attention from men than ever

Marsh, 32, decided to start getting buff two years ago and has now transformed herself from glamour girl to champion weight lifter, with generous helpings of fake tan bronzer.

Jodie Marsh
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For her new career as a tattoo artist in the reality show 'Jodie Marsh: Tattoo Apprentice' and also the upcoming Discovery Channel show 'Jodie Marsh Bodybuilder' the Essex star was on a strict diet of egg whites and protein shakes.

She told the hosts of ITV's This Morning, Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby that she didn't use drugs to achieve her lean figure and ripped muscle definition.

Marsh told the Sun newspaper "I don't give a s*** what they say. I feel sexier than I

have for ten years."

Jodie Marsh2
Photo uploaded to Twitter by @TimSharp42

Jodie Marsh became a trending topic on Twitter today with a mix of admiration and criticisms

Singer/rapper @example said "If you want to get ripped like Jodie Marsh all you need is brown toast and egg whites. Not steroids. Nope. Definitely not steroids"

@sarfrazmanzoor said "Seeing those pictures of Jodie Marsh reminded me I really need to varnish my dining table."

@Housegirlfriend said "Am I the only person who thinks kudos 2 Jodie Marsh? Bodybuilding's a sport and she's done well at it! **** whether or not you find it sexy!"