In an interview in The Guardian, 48-year-old Depp revealed how he got hooked again on a private plane with The Rum Diary director Bruce Robinson as they made their way home from filming.

Depp said: “I just said: ‘Come on, give me a bang.’ Bruce and I were in the plane, and I just said: ‘Oh come on.’ You know, we’d had a bit to drink – and …

“Well, it was a private plane. On a private plane you can smoke. It makes it an incredibly expensive habit, of course, because you can only smoke on a private plane.”

Depp admitted that it only took one drag to get him hooked again. “One bang on Bruce Robinson’s horrible little Café Crème cigar. One bang – yeah, one hit and it was over.”

Robinson’s re-found vice was booze – he started drinking again during filming after hardly touching a drop for over eight years.

Depp said: “Yeah, it was the gift we gave each other.”

The Hollywood sex symbol also voiced his distain for the smoking ban in LA during the interview.

He said: “In Los Angeles, the hoity toities, the beautiful people, will sit on Sunset Strip and have their meal at these kind of fancy restaurants where no one can smoke – but you can inhale car fumes all you like. I mean, that to me says it all.”

The Rum Diary will be released in the UK on November 11.