Taking to the stage to collect an award for Best Pop, Bieber said told fans they shouldn’t listen to rumours.

“Yo, two awards in the past 60 minutes. There’s been a lot of crap talked about me on the internet lately, but I’ve pulled through,” he said.

Yeater claims that Bieber’s bodyguards invited her backstage at the Staples Centre in LA last year where the pair had 30-second sex in the toilet.

At the time of the alleged liaison, Yeater was 19 and Bieber was 16.

Now with a four-month old child which she claims is Bieber’s, Yeater is demanding that the singer takes a paternity test.

Bieber’s girlfriend, Selena Gomez, who hosted the evening, seemed unruffled by the rumours, asking Katy Perry: “He’s cute, isn’t he?”