Shane Warne has been photographed looking thin and sweaty outside Liz Hurley's home.

The 41-year-old former spin bowler has lost more than two stone since he started dating Hurley last year.

Warne has ditched the spiky hair, the pot belly and the trainers as part of his new look. 

But the retired sportsman said that the weight loss and new look is nothing to do with Hurley.

On Twitter, he wrote: "I have always taken pride in my appearance and an attack on [Hurley] is unfair"

"I'm proud of how I look and worked my butt off for 4 months."

Warne also appears to have reshaped his eyebrows and he admits to using moisturiser, but he says "Yes, I'm still a man". 

Aussie Warne retired from cricket in 2008. He took 708 wickets in Tests, the second highest of any bowler in cricket history.

Australian magazines have reported that the couple are considering marriage.

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