Adele had put some clothes in the machine and went to take a shower, returning afterwards to put more clothes in and the machine on. The family then went out, but returned later to hear the most awful shrieking sound as Possum the cat had, unknown to its owners, crawled inside the washing machine and got a clean all of her own. 

“It was the most horrendous sound you have ever heard,” Adele told the NZ Herald. 

“I looked at the washing machine and said, “You’ve got to be joking’.”

The cat emerged, looking like a ‘half dead skinny rat’ but, remarkably, survived her near hour-long spin cycle.

The family rushed her to the vets, where she was put on a drip overnight and warmed up using an electric blanket.

It was understood that the fact it was a cold wash was intrumental in the outcome. Although, the vet would not comment on how many lives Possum had used up.