Former Liberal Democratic politician Lembit Opik is thinking of writing a book to help middle-aged men find romance.

Recently voted off reality TV show I’m A Celebrity… Opik was speaking on Radio 5 Live when he first floated the idea of writing a romance guide book for men in their forties.

Asked how men in could find love, Lembit replied: “My advice would be to read the book I’ve just this second decided to write – about how to rediscover romance in your 40s.”

The 45 year old certainly has plenty of experience to draw on for his book, especially when it comes to dating younger women.

In 2007 he ended his engagement to ITV weather girl Sian Lloyd to begin a romance with 24 year old Gabriela Irimia, one half of Romanian pop duo the Cheeky Girls.

This was followed by a “meeting of the minds” with 21 year old underwear model Katie Green.

More recently Opik has been linked with another 21 year old lingerie model, Merily McGivern. The pair were snapped on a beach at Surfers Paradise after Opik was ejected from the jungle.

Opik, who had a brief stint as a stand-up comic is hoping to return to politics by being picked as the Lib Dem candidate for the London Mayoral race.