High street bakers, like Greggs, and small shops across the land have officially been given the green light from the government to create Games-themed products free from fear of prosecution.

The strict copyright laws on sponsorship and logos will no longer be applied to bakery treats.

Olympics minister Hugh Robertson was asked if he wanted to see prosecutions for bakeries and small businesses, Robertson said “No… I gave the commitment in Parliament when the Act came through that this would be carried out in a sensible and proportionate way and I stick by that.”

At the height of the recent copyright enforcement clampdown a butcher in Dorset was told to remove sausage rings made to look like the Olympic logo, and a florist was told she wouldn’t be allowed to display rings and a torch made of tissue paper.

“I don’t say things that I don’t want to see. You can only decide on a case by case basis – no one has been prosecuted yet.” added Robertson.

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