However, that excuse wasn’t enough for some fans, who demanded a better reason.

Lead singer Carl Barat revealed the situation via Twitter

“That WAS a closing party. Olympics ….’ he tweeted. ‘Libertines got asked, couldn’t do it’

However, angry fans blasted him for ‘having to sit though Ed Sheeran’ instead,

Barat, who went to Hyde Park instead to watch Blur perform instead, tweeted back:

“All this vexation for me? Cheers. No-one actually understanding why we couldn’t do it….But seriously, you’ll get over it xx”

But there is some good news for Libertines fans. Barat and former bandmate Pete Doherty are in talks to write more material.

Doherty, who was thrown out of rehab in Thailand earlier this month after being a “disruptive influence” on other patients, revealed he is back in Paris and has invited Barat to come over and work on some songs.

He told online TV show Hernu & Harris Unhinged: “I spoke to Carl yesterday and he’s going to come out to Paris. Then maybe we’ll go back out to Thailand together and do some writing.”