The atmospheric ice rink provides a suitably discombobulating venue to enjoy the works of the great man. Feeling Gloomy in the form of Cliff Gloom will be playing Bowie, those who inspired him, those he inspired and a few choice cover versions of his work.

There will be many tributes over the coming months, but certainly few like this. Hopefully gliding around the ice to Heroes or Ashes to Ashes will provide one of the more unusual send offs to the man who fell to Earth.

Feeling Gloomy will be giving 50% of its profits to Cancer Research U.K.

Normally our press releases are a bit flippant, in this case we are just telling it how it is. Rest in peace our Starman.

Life on Mars? A tribute to David Bowie, Alexandra Palace Ice Rink, Alexandra Palace Way, London, N22 7AY, Friday 5 February, 8.30pm-11pm.

Adv: £8.60 (Own skates: £7.20) plus booking fee, door: £9 (including skate), NUS £8 including skates