Richard Gale and Casey Heynes – aka Little Zangief – have both been interviewed on Australian TV after the Youtube video of Heynes standing up to his bully went viral last week.

The ‘Little Zangief’ video supposedly shows 13-year-old Ritchard Gale tormenting 16-year-old Casey Heynes, who turns on his bully and slams him to the ground in a move reminiscent of the Streetfighter2 videogame character – Little Zangief – whose signature move is a piledriver.

The video became a sensation on Youtube, with most comments weighing heavily on the side of Heynes.

However, after Henyes appeared on Australian TV basking in his hero status, Gale followed suit, claiming that he has been bullied all his life and that Heynes had provoked him minutes before the camera was turned on.

Heynes made the first TV appearance on Australia’s news program A Current Affair. In the interview ‘Little Zangief’ said he had been bullied almost every day for two weeks before the video was made.

He told how he one day snapped and attacked his bully with a vicious body slam.

Heynes, who is a student at Chifley College Dunheved’s Campus in New South Wales, went on to say that the publicity had brought him newfound status.

 “I’ve never had so much support,” he said.

Casey Heynes interviewed on A Current Affair.


However, ‘bully’ Richard Gale has spoken out, saying that the now infamous Little Zangief video does not tell the whole story.

Gale told Australia’s Today Tomorrow that he is the victim and Casey Heynes is the bully.

During the interview, Gale said that Heynes “started on me first.” Gale’s mother and father also spoke out in his defence and said that since the video spread around the net, their son has been demonised.

Ritchard Gale on Today Tonight.


Little Zangief. Officially the most over-exposed schoolyard scrap in history.


Watch the original Little Zangief video here.