A live mouse in a loaf of bread was not what a women in Townsville, Australia, was bargaining for when she bought a sliced loaf to make sandwiched with.

The mouse went undetected until the woman was packing her shopping into her car. Noticing that the loaf of bread had holes in, she looked closer, only to see a tail whipping out of sight.

She then felt something moving in the bag and discovered it was a live rodent.

"I was horrified. I didn't even want to hold the bag I was that shocked. Imagine a rat in a loaf of bread you eat every day of your life. It's traumatising," the anonymous woman told the Townsville Bulletin.

The bread-loving rodent was initially believed to be a rat but was, in fact, a cute little mouse.

Authorities are investigating how the animal got in to the packet of Helga's Bread.

A spokesman for Helga's Bread said that the Department of Health "did not think'" the mouse got into the bag on the premises.

“There's no way it would have survived the baking process, the slicing process and wouldn't have survived in a sealed bag," a spokesman for Helga's told ninemsn.

"Once the bread leaves the bakery, we lose responsibility."

However, Coles Supermarket, where the mousey bread was purchased has also denied responsibility, saying that, as it was "outside" bread, they had no part in it.

Not really such a big deal anyway, is it? We just love the picture.