A British designer has revealed his revamped version of the iconic London Underground map.

Mark Noad has redesigned the 1931 tube map to offer a geographically more accurate version of the routes and distances between stations.

The map has nothing to do with Transport for London. Major changes include altering Harry's Beck's 1931 design to include 30 and 60-degree angles rather than 45-degree angles.

Noad is reported as saying: “They form the basis for a major criticism of the diagram that it bears little or no relation to London at street level. This distorts the actual physical locations of some stations, leading to confusion when selecting a route to take, or whether it is quicker to walk between stations.”

On his blog, Noad wrote: “This is not intended as a replacement to the official version, it is simply another way to look at it. We all think differently so you can decide which fits best with your way of thinking. For the first time there is a usable alternative.”

What do you think of the redesigned tube map?