From perverts to hook-ups, from bad breath to BO, the Tube can be a weird place. You never know who’s going to get on (or off as the case may be).

We’ve had a few good Tube stories across the desk at TNT lately but we want to hear more. Share your weirdest, funniest or just plain bizarre stories with us below.

Here’s a couple of the best we’ve received so far:

“A few years ago. On the tube from Camden Town to Archway late one Saturday night I observed a very decent and respectable looking couple. Then she gave him a BJ in front of an aghast tube (no pun intended) to completion. I’m glad it was a one-off I was witnessing, but equally glad the city is truly liberal enough.”
Gregory, via email

“I was on the Tube from Acton Town the other night with some friends, laughing and giggling. We hopped off at Hammersmith and a middle-aged man who I had seen watching me said: ‘Excuse me,’ and asked me to take a note from him. I took the note, said thanks, and left.
The note read: ‘I’m not trying to chat you up. I am happily married with three children, but I just want to let you know I love your contagious smile and it has made my evening. Thank you. Ian.’
There was no number nor details, and I have never seen the guy again. It is just a once-in-a-lifetime nice Tube story.”

Maree, via email

What’s your best Tube tale? Share it with us below.