Almost half (47 per cent) of London’s commuters see someone they fancy on the tube at least once a week, with 10 per cent seeing someone they like every day.

As many of 10 per cent of Londoners admit to being asked out while commuting.

And if you’re after an attractive stranger, commuters suggest taking a trip on the Central Line as 15 per cent ranked it as the line with the “hottest” commuters.

Men take the initiative when chasing love underground with almost 20 per cent having stayed past their stop to follow someone they liked on the underground.

A study of 2628 Underground commuters revealed that the tube is packed with people checking each other out.

Tube Map app creator mxData, who carried out the survey, is inviting Londoners to pluck up the courage to post messages to men and women that they have found attractive on the tube. See