Temperatures in the capital could soar to 20°C at the weekend (and yes, that is the capital of England).

It may be on the optimistic side, but forecaster meteoblue was this morning predicting the peak temperature on Saturday as 20°C with Sunday hardly any cooler at 19°C.

Others were more cautious, going for a more modest 14°or so. Either way, it’s back to 11°C, closer to a seasonal norm, when it’s time for work on Monday.

Records show that the average temperature for early March at Heathrow Airport (don’t ask us why it’s Heathrow Airport) “typically varies from 5°C to 10°C and is rarely below 0°C or above 13°C”.

So, maybe time, however briefly (‘scuse the pun) to get the budgie smugglers and bikinis on.

It is, by the way, going to be 25°C in Sydney but you will be dodging heavy rain and lightning strikes.

See? You’re in the best place after all…

Image credit: Thinkstock