Madonna’s plan to build a £9.3 million school for disadvantaged girls in Malawi, has been abandoned it has been reported.

The charity called Raising Malawi was set up the 52-year-old superstar in 2006, and part of the organisation’s plan was to run an elite academy for 400 girls in the African nation.

But it has now been reported that the charity’s board of directors has been replaced by a caretaker committee including Madonna and her manager.

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£2.4 million has already been spent on the project and according to the New York Times, auditors noted “outlandish expenditures on salaries, cars, office space golf club membership, free housing and a car and driver for the school’s director”.

Michael Berg, a co-director of the Kabbalah Centre and co-founder of Raising Malawi said:

“A thoughtful decision has been made to discontinue plans for the Raising Malawi Academy for Girls, as it was originally conceived.”

But Madonna was adamant that her charity would continue to work for better schools in Malawi.

“There’s a real education crisis in Malawi,” she said.

“Sixty-seven per cent of girls don’t go to secondary school, and this is simply unacceptable.”

“Our team is going to work hard to address this in every way we can.”

Madonna, who has adopted her two children David and Mercy from Malawi said she was proud of what the charity had accomplished over the years, but that she was “frustrated that our education work has not moved forward in a faster way”..