London is home to the busiest airport in the world: Heathrow. However it is also home to Gatwick and is very near to Luton, another major airport. These airports, due to their centralised location are excellent airports to travel from if you are traveling from England and Wales. Obviously Bristol and Birmingham airports are also great, but the London ones usually offer more in terms of flight locations and frequency of flights. This is a brief guide of the various London airports and some tips on how to travel to and from them. 


Heathrow and Gatwick
These are big airports and so make sure you know what you are doing and where you are going. You don’t want to get lost in Heathrow, it’s practically the same size of London (okay, that was hyperbolic, but you get my meaning). If you are only traveling on business and won’t be gone long and so only have a little bit of luggage, I would suggest getting on the Piccadilly Line and heading for Heathrow that way. For Gatwick I would suggest getting a train from London Victoria Station and catching the Gatwick Express from there. That might also be better for people from outside of the capital. 

Luton airport is smaller than the other two and for a lot of people easier and cheaper to fly from and get to. It’s on the outskirts of London in Bedfordshire and is easier to drive to then trying to get into London itself and navigating its roads and tube stations. 

Parking options
There are quite a lot of parking options available to those people who are driving to the airports from their homes. There’s the obvious route of parking at the airport, however that might not be the cheapest route to go down, however it is easy. One way is to try and find park and ride services that take you to the airports themselves. This is easier as you can park someway away and be taken straight to where you need to go.  Another way, that I would probably use, is try to find a rented out driveway. Companies, including Your Parking Space will have listings of various driveways across the country that you can rent out. You can park there for a reduced fee (than what you would pay at the airport) and usually the homeowner will drive you to your destination, but if they don’t, you can always get a taxi for a small price.

Fly Me to the Moon
Hopefully this helped you a little. Flying should be straight forward enough once you get to the airports; however it is good to be prepared. The only hassle is getting to the airports themselves, and so that is where rented driveways and park and rides come in handy. Plan your journey thoroughly is my last bit of advice to you. Make sure you have a checklist of things to do before you leave home and then make sure you know what’s happening at every step of the way – it also helps to have a backup plan ready in case things don’t work as planned.