In 2-3 days

Day 1

Head to Chinatown and spend the morning exploring the neighbourhood’s tantalising
restaurants, markets and shops. From there, head to Fatahillah Square in the
town centre and take in the 132m flame-topped National Monument.

Day 2

Head out to the tranquil oasis of the Orchid Garden at Slipi, visit the city centre for an authentic Javanese meal and then wander the Jakarta History Museum housed in the old Batavia Town Hall for a look at Indonesia’s Dutch-ruled past. After dark, dip your toe into Jakarta’s entertainment scene with a bar crawl along Jalan Jaksa.

Day 3


Cap off your time in Jakarta with a visit to the old port of Sunda Kelapa, where a flotilla of magnificent Makassar schooners are moored. The bright
painted ships are an key transport and freight delivery link between
Jakarta and the outer islands. They’re also one of the capital’s main
tourist attractions.

In a week

Most travellers visiting Jakarta will probably be heading elsewhere in Indonesia, and after three or four days in the capital you’ll probably be keen for a change of scenery. If so, catch a bus or train to the sister city of Yogyakarta. It’s a much more laid-back and tranquil place to visit, and the cool university city is also renowned as the centre of classical Javanese art and culture.