Reports coming out of the town suggest that police there take a proactive approach in dealing with what they consider to be inappropriate public behaviour. The resort is claimed to be working hard to get away from the stag and hen party image, preferring to be recognised as a family destination.

Police claim that their determination to tackle anti-social behaviour; binge drinking, public disorder and wearing inappropriate clothing like the ‘mankini’ has reduced crime in the area. 

Inspector Dave Meredith told the Metro, “When you speak to anybody from patrol officers to PCSOs, partners in town, shop keepers, everybody says Newquay has made a miraculous improvement. People expected to come to Newquay to drink a lot, behave irresponsibly, a lot of young people came to Newquay and knew they had a good chance of getting drunk. Certainly we have clamped down on that and the image of Newquay now has certainly curtailed some of that.”