President Kgalema Motlanthe strongly condemned the disruption of political meetings organised by former ANC chairperson Mosiuoa Lekota by some ANC members, the SABC reported on Sunday.

“When you create chaos and anarchy deliberately, you undermine the confidence of the people of South Africa.

“You also dent the image of the country as a stable, growing democracy,” he told the SABC.

“I would really appeal to all those concerned to calm down and act in a responsible manner.

“We are going into elections, if you whip up emotions you could very well lay down the foundation for a number of problems,” said Motlanthe.

Lekota has been holding meetings around the country in preparation of a convention he plans to hold on November 2.

Earlier this week, Zuma supporters, some chanting “Kill Lekota” were prevented by police from entering an Orange farm rally in Gauteng.

On Sunday, police were also called in to keep the peace when ANC dissidents scuffled with party loyalists at a meeting in Gugulethu in Cape Town.